Kitchen and Bath

This kitchen and bath cost estimating system has been prepared for the use of contractors, kitchen and bath specialists, estimators, supervisors, and anyone else involved in the design and installation of kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen & Bath Cost Estimator is an online tool that provides estimations for kitchen and bath remodeling. It's a great tool to use for estimating the costs of your projects, so you can get more accurate quotes from customers.

It includes all the different factors of a job, such as the type of work, materials, and labor costs. All you need to do is enter your zip code and then select the type of work you want to do.

Home builders

This manual is the best estimating guide available to calculate the cost of building a house. It offers a step-by-step process to estimate the cost of house building, from start to finish, including all labor costs, and materials. It allows you to adjust figures as needed and compare options to informed decision on what type of home you want to build.

House builders are now including man-hours per line item as well as your local area pricing for materials and labor.

This is a great way for house builders to show you the price of their homes upfront, without any surprises.


The Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator is an online tool that will make it easier for handymen and repair people to price jobs quickly and accurately.

The Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator is a comprehensive system laid out the same as the publishing Remodeling & Renovation Cost Estimator. It provides estimates and pricing for all types of home repairs, replacements, and maintenance work.

This handyman estimator will provide you with an overview of what it would cost to get your project done, whether it's a simple fix or a major renovation.

Remodeling and Renovation

The estimating software for Remodeling & Renovation puts an entire estimating system in your hands that lets you estimate complete jobs in minutes.

This manual was created to provide you with specifications for hundreds of jobs at your fingertips and get fast, easy access to labor and materials prices. Remodeling and Renovation estimator is a manual that provides you with a detailed estimation of the costs of different home improvement projects.

You can also find this type of information on a variety of websites, but our specialized format will save you money immediately!